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National Right of Way Review Appraisal

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    About National Right of Way Review Appraisal

    With over 50 years of right of way appraisal experience, the National Right of Way Review Appraisal (NRWRA) manages the crucial appraisal processes for large scale land infrastructure projects, acting as your appraisal consultants, from preliminary route analysis to efficient and effective appraiser selection, to choosing the ideal reports for appraisers and firms associated with the project, as well as expert appraisal review reports. Specializing in appraisal review, NRWRA serves clients nationwide in markets such as the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Carolinas, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Qualified appraisal consultants can never be underestimated in the commonly drawn-out and complex design and negotiation process.

    Appraisal is a key part of any real estate project and at NRWRA, we meticulously manage the appraisal process for right of way projects for highways and roads, airports, railways, energy transmission and distribution, and telecom projects. Tell NRWRA about your next projectn and allow us to use our decades of experience writing and reviewing appraisals to get you one step closer to finalizing the project and achieving the best possible outcome for you or your clients.

    Contact NRWRA today at 888-446-7972 to schedule a consultation or for any questions you have regarding our organization.

    Project Coordination

    Efficient and cost effective, from preliminary planning through review.

    Appraisal Review

    Our Reviews are USPAP, UASFLA, and/or local agency standards to meet your required outcomes.

    UASFLA – Yellow Book

    We ensure your appraisal reports meet the new Federal Standards.

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