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    Qualifications of David E. Burgoyne, ASA, SR/WA

    Certified General Real Estate Appraiser

    Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia

    AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

    General Information

    David E. Burgoyne, ASA, SR/WA, is a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan and attended Greenhills School in Ann Arbor. He graduated in 1981 from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Physics-Astronomy. He also served as a graduate instructor at the University of Wyoming as a Doctoral Candidate in Astrophysics.

    Mr. Burgoyne is an independent fee appraiser currently licensed as a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser by the States of Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington. Michigan State licensure and certification is administered, and appraisers are regulated by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, PO Box 30004, Lansing, Michigan 48909. Continuing education is required. Mr. Burgoyne holds Michigan Certified General Real Appraiser License No. 1205-000222, first issued in August 1991. His current Michigan license expires July 31, 2024. He also currently holds Certified General Real Appraiser Licenses in Indiana – No. CG 41300020, Iowa – #CG03760, Missouri – #2010039098, North Carolina – No. A8123, Oregon – C001483, South Carolina – #7473, Virginia – Number 4001017872, Washington State – #1102579.

    Mr. Burgoyne is a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers holding the ASA Designation for Real Property. Mr. Burgoyne is currently re-accredited as an ASA through June 10, 2027. He is also a senior member holding the SR/WA designation and is a Past Chapter President of the International Right of Way Association. Mr. Burgoyne is currently re-certified as an SR/WA through June 15, 2023. He is also Appraisal Certified (R/W-AC) by IRWA.

    Mr. Burgoyne is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor #44603 (expiring March 31, 2024) and is also a CLIMB Certified Instructor of right-of-way appraisal and other courses for IRWA, including courses on the appraisal of partial takings, easement valuation, appraisal review, ethics and standards, USPAP, adult education, and the valuation of contaminated properties. He is an Indiana Registered Continuing Education Instructor (#INST001074). Mr. Burgoyne contributed to the course development for the Alliance for Valuation Education’s first new course. Mr. Burgoyne is also a Master Scuba Diver Trainer (#197535) certified by PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

    In 2015, Mr. Burgoyne was awarded the 2014 W. Howard Armstrong International Instructor of the Year Award by the International Right of Way Association. This is the highest award given to instructors by the IRWA. He was also a finalist for the 2013 Award in 2014.

    Mr. Burgoyne has qualified as an expert witness in the United States Court of Federal Claims, the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan; the Michigan Circuit Courts of Allegan, Barry, Cass, Eaton, Genesee, Grand Traverse, Huron, Ingham, Jackson, Kent, Lapeer, Leelanau, Lenawee, Macomb, Montmorency, Muskegon, Oakland, Ottawa, Tuscola, Washtenaw, Wayne, and Wexford Counties; Allen, Hamilton and Marion Counties in Indiana, The Michigan Public Service Commission, and The Michigan Tax Tribunal. He has also been appointed as an independent appraiser by the U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan.

    Formal Education

    Greenhills School – Ann Arbor, Michigan (1976)

    Colgate University – Hamilton, New York (1981)

    BA in Liberal Arts – concentrating in Physics-Astronomy
    Courses included Architecture, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics and Economic Geography

    University of Wyoming – Laramie, Wyoming (1981-1982)

    Ph.D. candidate in Astrophysics

    Real Estate Appraisal & Right of Way Education

    International Right of Way Association:

    Course 103: Ethics and the Right of Way Profession (1992, 2000, & 2007)
    Course 104: Standards of Practice for the Right of Way Professional
    Course 201: Communications in Right of Way Acquisition
    Course 205: Bargaining Negotiations
    Course 219: Introduction to Presentation, Instruction, and Facilitation
    Course 407: Valuation of Contaminated Properties
    Course 409: Integrating Appraisal Standards
    Course 417: Valuation of Environmentally Contaminated RE (Exam Challenged)
    Course 421: Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions
    Course 431: Problems in the Valuation of Partial Acquisitions
    Course 802: Legal Aspects of Easements
    Course 901: Engineering Plan Development and Application
    Course 902: Property Descriptions
    Instructor Clinic (1990)
    Master Instructor Clinic (2009)
    CLIMB Instructor Training (2016)
    New Course 100 Training (2017)

    American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers/Appraisal Institute:

    Course 1A-1: Principles of Real Estate Appraisal
    Course 1A-2: Basic Valuation Procedures (Exam Challenged in Lieu of Attendance)
    Course 1B-A: Capitalization Theory & Techniques Part One (Exam Challenged)
    Course 1B-B: Capitalization Theory & Techniques Part Two (Exam Challenged)
    Course 2-1: Case Studies in Real Estate Valuation (Exam Challenged)
    Course SPP/410: Standards of Professional Practice (1988). Also Part A (1993)
    Small Hotel/Motel Valuation – Limited Service Lodging (2010)

    American Society of Appraisers:

    Course AR120-WEB: Delivering Expert Testimony via Online Technology (2020)
    Course AR122-WEB: Appraisal Review: Applying the Standards (2020)
    Course AR201-OOO: Appraisal Review and Management Overview (2020)
    Course AR204-OOO: Appraisal Review and Management Application (2021)

    The Appraisal Foundation:

    1999 National USPAP Instructor Orientation Seminar, Atlanta, Georgia
    2003 USPAP Instructor Certification Course, Detroit, Michigan
    2006 USPAP Instructor Re-certification Course, Charlotte, North Carolina
    2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2020, 2022 USPAP On-line Instructor Recertification

    Marshall Valuation Service, Los Angeles CA:

    Seminars on the use of building cost estimating service

    The Seminar Group

    Easements in Washington (8th Annual)

    McKissock Learning:

    Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisition (Yellow Book)
    Appraisal of Assisted Living Facilities
    7-Hour USPAP and Michigan License Law Courses
    2-Hour California License Law Course
    3-Hour West Virginia License Law Course
    Other Law Courses
    Supervisor/Trainee Course – Michigan and Virginia and West Virginia

    Presentation, Instruction and Facilitation Experience

    State Bar of Michigan

    1988 & 1989 Seminars on Evidence and Expert Testimony

    Michigan Municipal League

    1990 Understanding Appraisals for Local Government – Special Problems

    CLE International

    2005 USPAP and Licensing Law for the Real Estate Appraiser in Litigation
    2004 Special Purpose Properties for Eminent Domain

    People’s Republic of China

    Presentations in Guangzhou and Shenzhen on Valuation for Acquisition in the USA

    International R/W Association

    International Conference – Portland 2019
    Chapter Presentations – 2002, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2014 & 2018. Anchorage 2017

    International Right of Way Association

    CLIMB Certified Appraisal Instructor

    Instructor Clinic

    Instructor Certification Clinic – Chicago 2010

    SR/WA Review Course

    Ann Arbor 2007 and 2015, Indianapolis 2008, Milwaukee 2011 and 2017, Madison, WI 2013, Seattle, WA 2016, and Minneapolis, MN 2018. irtually Online 2021. Assisted with revision of SR/WA Review Course as Subject Matter Expert (SME) 2021.

    Course 900 – Principles of Real Estate Engineering

    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2015

    Course 804 – Skills of Expert Testimony

    Mackinac Island, MI 1991. Nashville, IN 1995. Springfield, IL 1995. Indianapolis 1996 and 2002. Parkersburg, WV 2002. Williamsburg, VA 2006

    Course 603 – Understanding Environmental Contamination in RE

    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2015

    Course 431 – Problems in the Valuation of Partial Acquisitions

    Boise ID and Lincoln NE 2015. Carrollton, KY 2017. Springfield, IL 2017.

    Course 421 – The Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions

    Lansing 1991. Bismarck 1992. Ann Arbor 1990, 1996, 2000, & 2004. Charleston 1999. Indianapolis 1993, 1998 & 2002. Toledo OH 2003. Beijing and Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China 2014 and 2015. Springfield, IL 2019.

    Course 417 – Valuation of Environmentally Contaminated RE

    Ann Arbor 2016

    Course 415 – USPAP and the Yellow Book

    Ann Arbor 2019. Boise, ID 2019

    Course 413 – Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions (Yellow Book)

    Virtually Online 2021

    Course 410 – Reviewing Appraisals for Eminent Domain

    Charleston WV 2005. Lincoln NE 2008, Newington, CT 2012. Seattle, WA 2015

    Course 409 – Integrating Appraisal Standards

    Charleston 2007. Lincoln NE 2008. Boise 2015

    Course 407 – Valuation of Contaminated Properties

    Petoskey 1999. Kalamazoo 2002

    Course 406B – 7-Hour USPAP

    Ann Arbor 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2018, Traverse City 2008, Charleston WV 2006, 2008, & 2010. Petoskey MI 2014. Online 2020, 2021, and 2022.

    Course 406A – 15-Hour USPAP

    Ann Arbor 1996 & 2000. Newington, CT 2009.

    Course 405 – Preparation of the Narrative Appraisal Report

    Lansing 1991

    Course 403 – Easement Valuation

    Indianapolis 1991. Chicago 1992. Traverse City 1993. Columbus 1994. Louisville 1996. Omaha 1996. Kansas City 1996 & 1997. Ann Arbor 1998. Charleston WV 2006 and 2011. Lincoln, NE 2015. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2014 and 2015.

    Course 402 – Introduction to Income Capitalization Approach

    Ann Arbor 1998. Charleston 2009

    Course 400 – Principles of Real Estate Appraisal

    Ann Arbor 2001, 2003 & 2006. Charleston WV 2007. Cincinnati 2009. Louisville 2010. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2014 and 2015. Anchorage, AK 2017. Virtually Online (2021). Assisted with development of Online Course 400 as Subject Matter Expert (SME).

    Course 219 – Introduction to Presentation, Instruction, and Facilitation

    Charleston WV 2013, South Haven, MI 2013, Ann Arbor 2014 and Jackson, MI 2015

    Course 104 – Standards of Practice for the Right of Way Professional

    Indianapolis 2002

    Course 103 – Ethics & the Right-of-Way Profession

    Chicago 1992. Indianapolis 1996 and 2008. Columbus 2003. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2013. Beijing, China 2014.

    Course 101A – Appraisal Segment of Principles of Right of Way

    Lansing 1991. Jefferson City, MO 1992. Okemos, MI 1997. Indianapolis 1993 and 1999.

    Course 100 – Principles of Land Acquisition

    Ann Arbor 1998, 2001 & 2003. Ames, IA 1999. Indianapolis 2007. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2013 & 2014. Cedar Rapids, IA 2014. Wisconsin Dells, WI 2016. Boise, ID and Green Bay, WI 2018. Virtually Online 2020 (Twice). Assisted with revision of Course 100 as Subject Matter Expert (SME) 2021.

    Licenses and Professional Affiliations

    Michigan Certified General Real Estate Appraiser – ID #1201-000222 (Expires July 31, 2022)

    Indiana Certified General Real Appraiser License No. CG 41300020 (Expires June 30, 2022)

    Iowa Certified General Real Appraiser License No. CG 03760 (Expires June 30, 2022)

    North Carolina Certified General Real Appraiser License No. A8123 (Expires June 30, 2021)

    Missouri Certified General Real Appraiser License No. 2010039098 (Expires June 30, 2022)

    Oregon Certified General Real Appraiser License No. C001483 (Expires June 30, 2022)

    South Carolina Certified General Real Appraiser License No. 7473 (Expires June 30, 2022)

    Virginia Certified General Real Appraiser License – Number 4001017872 (Expires July 31, 2021)

    Washington Certified General Real Appraiser License #1102579. (Expires April 30, 2023)

    West Virginia Certified General Real Appraiser License No. CG-281 (Expires September 30, 2021)

    American Society of Appraisers

    — ASA Designation – Real Property ASA #00725800 – Reaccredited to June 10, 2022

    International Right of Way Association

    Senior Member #735337 – SR/WA Designation #3993. Re-certified through June 15, 2023
    CLIMB Certified Instructor – IRWA Instructor since 1990
    Right of Way – Appraisal Certified. R/W-AC
    2015 2014 Recipient W. Howard Armstrong Instructor of the Year Award (International)
    2011-2013 Member of International Instructors Task Force
    1991 Professional of the Year Award – Michigan Chapter Seven
    1991 Chapter President and International Director

    AQB Certified USPAP Instructor #44603 (Expires March 31, 2024)

    Appraisal Experience

    Over the past 37 years, Mr. Burgoyne has appraised agricultural, developmental, residential, commercial, office, industrial, aggregate mining, landfill, environmentally contaminated, waterfront (including Great Lakes and Detroit River waterfront, as well as Missouri River floodplain and Chesapeake Bay area), deep water marine terminals, billboards, easements, corridors, special purpose property, subsidized housing projects, assisted living facilities, underground storage of natural gas, and properties having identifiable conservation values. He has appraised vacant and improved property for estate, insurance, consulting, development, sale, and litigation purposes. Litigation appraisals include Ad Valorem tax appeals, class actions, special assessment benefit analysis, partnership disputes, environmental contamination, construction defects, divorce, easements, erosion, zoning, bankruptcy, encroachments, inverse condemnation, trespass, regulatory takings, total and partial takings.

    Representative List of Clients


    Charter Township of Ann Arbor – Washtenaw County, Michigan
    City of Ann Arbor – Washtenaw County, Michigan
    City of Bay City – Bay County, Michigan
    Charter Township of Bloomfield, Oakland County, Michigan
    Village of Clinton, – Lenawee County, Michigan
    City of Dearborn – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Dearborn Heights – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Detroit – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Dowagiac – Cass County, Michigan
    City of Grosse Pointe Woods – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Howell, – Livingston County, Michigan
    City of Kalamazoo – Kalamazoo County, Michigan
    City of Lincoln Park – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Marshall – Calhoun County, Michigan
    City of Marysville – St. Clair County, Michigan
    City of Midland – Midland and Bay Counties, Michigan
    Village of Northport – Leelanau County, Michigan
    Charter Township of Oshtemo – Kalamazoo County, Michigan
    City of Plymouth – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Riverview – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Romulus – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Royal Oak – Oakland County, Michigan
    City of Southfield – Oakland County, Michigan
    Charter Township of Sumpter, – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Taylor – Wayne County, Michigan
    City of Traverse City – Grand Traverse County, Michigan
    City of Troy – Oakland County, Michigan
    City of Westland – Wayne County, Michigan

    Other Government Agencies

    Detroit Wayne County Stadium Authority – Detroit, Michigan
    East Chicago Water Management District – Lake County, Indiana
    Federal Aviation Administration, Great Lakes Region – Chicago
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – Washington, D.C.
    Flint Bishop Airport – Genesee County, Michigan
    Little Traverse Conservancy, Harbor Springs, Michigan
    County of Livingston – Howell, Michigan
    Macomb County Office of Public Works – Mt. Clemens, Michigan
    Michigan Department of Management & Budget – Lansing, Michigan
    Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Lansing, Michigan
    United States Army Corps of Engineers – Detroit, Michigan
    United States Department of Justice, Environment & Natural Resources Division and Tax Division – Washington, DC
    United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan – Detroit, Michigan
    Virginia Department of Transportation – Richmond, Virginia
    Washtenaw County Road Commission – Scio Township, Michigan
    Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner – Scio Township, Michigan
    Ypsilanti Community Utility Authority, Ypsilanti, Michigan

    School Districts and Universities

    Allendale Christian School – Allendale, Ottawa County, Michigan
    Ann Arbor Learning Community – Washtenaw County, Michigan
    Avondale School District – Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills and Troy, Michigan
    Birmingham Public Schools – Birmingham, Oakland County, Michigan
    Bloomfield Hills School District –Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County, Michigan
    Center Line Public Schools – Center Line, Macomb County, Michigan
    Clarkston School District, – Oakland County, Michigan
    Crescent Academy – Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan
    Dr. Charles Drew Academy – Ecorse, Wayne County, Michigan
    Farmington Public Schools – City of Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan
    Grand Valley State University – Allendale, Michigan
    Hamtramck Public Schools – Hamtramck, Michigan
    Hazel Park School District – Hazel Park & Ferndale, Oakland County, Michigan
    Huron Valley Public Schools – Highland, Oakland County, Michigan
    Lakeshore Schools – Stevensville, Berrien County, Michigan
    Lakeview Schools – St. Clair Shores, Macomb County, Michigan
    Lapeer School District – City of Lapeer, Lapeer County, Michigan
    Livonia Public Schools – City of Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan
    Northville Schools – City of Northville, Wayne County, Michigan
    Plymouth Canton Community Schools – Wayne County, Michigan
    Rochester Community Schools – Rochester & Rochester Hills, Oakland County, Michigan
    Romeo Community Schools – Washington & Bruce Townships, Macomb County, Michigan
    Royal Oak Schools – Oakland County, Michigan
    St. Paul Lutheran Church and School – Frankenlust Township, Bay County, Michigan
    Taylor School District – City of Taylor, Wayne County, Michigan
    Troy School District – City of Troy, Oakland County, Michigan
    Warren Fitzgerald School District – City of Warren, Macomb County, Michigan
    West Bloomfield School District – West Bloomfield, Oakland County, Michigan

    Public Utilities and Railroads

    Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road – Westland, Michigan
    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad – Chicago, Illinois
    Canadian National North America/Grand Trunk Western Railroad
    Consumers Energy Company – Jackson, Michigan
    DTE Energy (and Detroit Edison Company) – Detroit, Michigan
    Merit Energy Company – Dallas, Texas
    Michigan Bell Telephone
    Michigan Consolidated Gas – prior to merger with DTE Energy
    Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train – Walled Lake, Michigan
    Mirant Pipeline – Wyandotte, Riverview and Brownstown Township
    RES Americas – Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN
    Union Pacific Railroad – Omaha, Nebraska
    Vector Pipeline Company – East Lansing, Michigan
    Wolverine Pipeline – Chicago, Illinois

    Select Corporations and Businesses

    Arcelor-Mittal – Lapeer County, Michigan
    Ajax Paving/Bald Mountain West – Troy and Orion Township
    Arnie’s Hot Dogs – Munster, Indiana
    Arrowhead Properties (Flint Ink) – Washtenaw County, Michigan
    Art Van Furniture – Warren, Michigan
    Benton Harbor Fruit Market – Berrien County, Michigan
    Bill Fox Jeep Eagle – Rochester Hills, Michigan
    Bosch Corporation – Flat Rock, Michigan
    Canada Creek Ranch Association – Montmorency County, Michigan
    Central Transport – Warren, Michigan
    Crown Enterprises – Warren, Michigan
    Chrysler Motors Corporation – Auburn Hills, Michigan
    Detroit Marine Terminal – Detroit, Michigan
    Domino’s Farms Development and TSM Properties, Inc. – Ann Arbor
    Detroit International Bridge Company – Detroit and Warren, Michigan
    Detroit RiverFront Conservancy – Detroit, Michigan
    Exxon-Mobil Corporation – Fairfax, Virginia (Also Mobil Oil Corporation – prior to merger with Exxon)
    First American Title Company – Troy, Michigan
    Fox Toyota – Rochester Hills, Michigan
    General Motors Corporation – Detroit, Michigan
    Gilboa Quarry – Gilboa, Ohio
    Grosse Ile Bridge Company – Trenton, Michigan
    Grosse Ile Country Club – Grosse Ile, Michigan
    The Hayman Company – Troy, Michigan
    JP Morgan Chase Bank – New York, New York
    Kurtis Kitchens and Bath Centers – Livonia, Michigan
    LaSalle Bank (now Bank of America) – Troy, Michigan
    Marathon Oil Company – Findlay, Ohio
    McNabb Carpet – Milford, Michigan
    Meridian National Corporation – Toledo, Ohio
    Meritor Automotive, a Rockwell Heritage Company – Troy, Michigan
    Michigan Caterpillar – Novi, Michigan
    New Holland North America – New Holland, Michigan
    Peerless Metal Powders – Detroit, Michigan
    Reddiman Farms Golf Club – Chelsea, Michigan
    Rock Superior LLC (Rock Financial) – Troy, Michigan
    Edward Rose & Sons & Occidental Development – Farmington Hills & Kalamazoo
    Saudi Aramco – Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
    Sanimax – Green Bay, Wisconsin
    Severstal North America – Inc., Dearborn, Michigan<
    Sunrise Development Inc. – McLean, Virginia
    Thetford Inc. – Scio Township, Michigan
    Thomas & Betts Automotive Inc. – Clinton Township
    Union Oil Company of California – Schaumburg, Illinois
    United Parcel Service (Royoak, Inc.) – Atlanta, Georgia
    United States Steel Corporation, Ecorse and River Rouge, Michigan
    Universal Truckload Services – Warren, Michigan
    Veolia North America, Boston, MA
    Walbridge Aldinger – Detroit, Michigan
    Ray Wiegand’s Nursery – Macomb Township, MI
    White Chapel Cemetery – Troy, Michigan

    Aggregate Mining & Landfill Property

    Driggs Properties for Lenawee County Airport Expansion – Madison Township, Lenawee County (Class II Sand)
    Hoag and Souders Properties for Lenawee County Airport Expansion – Madison Township, Lenawee County (Class II Sand)
    Finnerty, Michael and Norma – Eaton County, Michigan (Class II Sand)
    France Stone Company – Sylvania, Ohio and Monroe, Michigan (Crushed Limestone for Aggregate)
    Gardenscape, Inc. – Edinburgh, PA, Archbold, OH, and Eaton Rapids, MI (Black, Reed/Sedge & Sphagnum Peat)
    Great Lakes Gravel – Addison Township, Oakland County (Gravel)
    William Kettlewell – Ft. Gratiot Township, St. Clair County, Michigan (Landfill)
    Lemrow Property – Expansion of Southeast Berrien County Landfill – Berrien County, Michigan (Landfill & Cover Dirt)
    Edward C. Levy Company, Farmington Hills, Michigan [Property in Metamora Township, Lapeer County] (Sand and Gravel)
    Mauthe Property – Expansion of Southeast Berrien County Landfill – Berrien County, Michigan (Landfill & Cover Dirt)
    Michigan Peat – Minden and Sandusky, MI and Houston, TX (Sphagnum Moss, Horticultural & Reed/Sedge Peat)

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