Qualifications of Brian A. O’Neill

Certified General Real Property Appraiser
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Brian A. O’Neill, AI-GRS, SR/WA is a resident of Boise, Idaho. He received his bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Molecular Biology from Towson University in Towson, Maryland. He holds (*) or has held “certified general” level real property appraisal licenses in Arkansas*, Delaware, Idaho*, Indiana*, Michigan*, North Carolina, Oregon*, Virginia*, Washington*, West Virginia, and Wisconsin* over the past 25 years.

Mr. O’Neill belongs to the Appraisal Institute, the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, and the Right of Way Consultants Council. He is a Designated member of the Appraisal Institute (AI-GRS) and holds the IRWA’s senior designation (SR/WA) and its appraisal certification designation (R/W-AC). He has also earned the American Society of Appraisers Appraisal Review and Management (ARM) Certificate of Completion. He is an IRWA Education Chairman for Idaho Chapter 64 and a Region 7 Representative of the International Valuation Community of Practice.

Mr. O’Neill has concentrated on the appraisal of real property subject to eminent domain almost exclusively throughout his career. He is currently focusing on right of way review projects, as well as working with other firms across the country on the appraisal of unique takings problems and large-scale infrastructure projects. Mr. O’Neill has completed right of way appraisal reports and appraisal reviews for Municipal, State, and Federal agencies; consulting and right of way project management firms; and individuals and businesses whose property is subject to eminent domain. He is a WSDOT and ITD approved appraiser and review appraiser, a WisDOT approved review appraiser, and a VDOT pre-qualified Appraiser.

Mr. O’Neill has completed large-scale and complex appraisal and appraisal review projects of partial and total takings, easement valuations, inverse condemnations, and tax appeals across the country. These appraisal reports and appraisal reviews have included raw land and redevelopment sites, as well as improved commercial, industrial, multi-family, and special purpose properties. Infrastructure assignments include airport, highway, HVTL, pipeline, wind farm, and wastewater treatment projects. His portfolio of work is well balanced between acquisition entities and property owners.


Member, Chief Review AppraiserNational Right of Way Review Appraisal, LLC,Boise, ID

Independent Fee AppraiserBurgoyne Appraisal Company, Chelsea, MI


Towson University, Towson, Maryland
BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Molecular Biology


American Society of Appraisers
Course SE100: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
Course RP201: Introduction to Real Property Appraisal (Exam Challenged)
Course RP20: Introduction to the Income Capitalization Approach
Course RP203: Advanced Income Capitalization
Course AR122: Web: Appraisal Review: Applying the Standards
Course AR201: Appraisal Review and Management Overview
Course AR204: Appraisal Review and Management Application

Appraisal Institute
Analyzing Operating Expenses
Business Practices and Ethics
Eminent Domain and Condemnation
Feasibility, Market Value, Investment Timing, Option Value
General Appraisal Report Writing & Case Studies
Highest & Best Use and Market Analysis
Introduction to Green Buildings: Principles and Concepts
Practical Highest and Best Use
Rates and Ratios: Making sense of GIMs, OARs, and DCF
Real Estate Finance Statistics and Valuation Modeling
Review Theory – General
Review Case Studies – General
Small Hotel/Motel Valuation
Subdivision Valuation
Supervisory Appraiser/Trainee Course
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions (7/2017)
7-hr. Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Update (12/2021)

International Right of Way Association
Course 101: Principles of Right of Way (A, E, L, & N)
Course 103: Ethics in the Right of Way Profession
Course 203: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Course 213: Conflict Management
Course 214: Skills of Expert Testimony
Course 218: Right of Way Acquisition for Electrical Transmission Projects
Course 219: Introduction to Presentation, Instruction, and Facilitation
Course 401: The Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions
Course 402: Introduction to the Income Approach
Course 403: Easement Valuation
Course 409: Integrating Appraisal Standards
Course 410: Reviewing Appraisals in Eminent Domain
Course 415: USPAP and the Yellow Book: A Guide to Understanding Their Relationship
Course 431: Problems in the Valuation of Partial Acquisitions
Course 505: Advanced Residential Relocation Assistance
Course 600: Environmental Awareness
Course 606: The Environmental Process
Course 802: Legal Aspects of Easements
Course 803: Eminent Domain Law Basics for the Right-of-Way Professional
Course 804: Skills of Expert Testimony (Update of Course 214)

The Basics of Expert Witness for Commercial Appraisers
Delaware Laws and Regulations
Introduction to Commercial Appraisal Review
Michigan Appraisal Law
Marcellus Shale: Effects of Energy Resource Operations on Residential Property Value

Northern Michigan University
Course 302: Commercial Cost Approach

The Seminar Group
Easements in Washington (8th Annual)

Urban Land Institute
Multifamily Housing Development
Real Estate Development Process: Part I

Western Forestry & Conservation Association
The Basics of Forest Land & Timber Appraisal


Member of the International Right of Way Association – #750580
  — SR/WA #5766 (re-certified through 4/1/2024)
  — RW-AC (re-certified through 5/1/2023)
Appraisal Institute – Designated member (AI-GRS) – #225608
American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
Arkansas Certified General Real Property Appraiser CG 4747 (exp. 4/8/2023)
Idaho Certified General Real Property Appraiser CGA-3201 (exp. 1/31/2023)
  — ITD-approved Appraiser and Review Appraiser
Indiana Certified General Appraiser CG41900017 (exp. 6/30/2024)
Michigan State-Certified Real Estate Appraiser 12-01-005034 (exp. 7/31/2024)
New Hampshire Certified General Appraiser NHCG-1079 (exp. 1/31/2025)
Oregon Certified General Appraiser C001453 (exp. 1/31/2023)
Virginia Certified General Real Estate Appraiser – #4001017714 (exp. 7/31/2024)
  — VDOT pre-qualified Appraiser
Washington Certified General Real Estate Appraiser #1102399 (exp. 1/31/2024)
  — WSDOT-approved Appraiser and Review Appraiser
Wisconsin Certified General Appraiser 2500-10 (exp. 12/14/2023)
  — WisDOT-approved Review Appraiser